Places to go Things to see
My Flickr site I keep a subset of my pictures on Flickr
My Linked-in site My linked in page
Facebook I have a facebook page. If you're a member (and I know you), link me up.
Dinarte & John The website of my good friends Dinarte and John
Tom and Lisa Tres cool Lisa and the man for whom the "Fakes effect" was named
Don P. Mitchell One of the most interesting people I ever met who I've been really happy to be able to call a friend.
Andrew Glassner Graphics guru and all around super interesting dude.
Eric and Sylvia Another pair of fun friends
Safari Smoke "safarismoke" is in the set of permute("morais" + "fakes"). If I ever make a fake company, it's going to be named "Oracles Fresh".
Schlomo (Steven) Gortler A friend from Princeton who is now a professor at Harvard. His website, amusingly enough, has one of my favorite pictures of me. Schlomo took this as we were zooming from LA to San Diego in a rented Porsche.
Dan Boneh (Dabo) One of my friends and office-mates at Princeton. Dan is one of the nicest and smartest guys you are likely to ever meet.
Research & Education
Princeton University My grad school. Princeton is an extrodinary place.
The College of New Jersey The College of NJ, also known as Trenton State College is where I received my B.S. I'm very fond of this school, though I'll admit I'm not as fond of the name change.
Toms River HS South For completeness, here's my high school. The 80s may have been a toxic decade, but TRHS was relatively safe for human consumption.
Businesses I like
Market Optical Back in 1996 I evolved from round to oblong. Market Optical has kept me in cool frames ever since.
Underwater Sports My diving hobby started here
The Aggressor Fleet A very nice liveaboard diving operator
Amazon Many boxes arrive from them. I suspect people there like me.
Powells City of Books (Portland, OR) The Pacific Northwest's more extrodinary bookstore. Good rarebook and signed book areas.
Canon I like printers and cameras. Canon does both exceptionally well.
Kalaloch Lodge The PNW coastline is extrodinarily beautiful. Kalaloch lodge is a great place to go to get away and walk along the ocean.
Princeton Record Exchange When in Princeton, visit the Princeton Record Exchange.
Photo-tronics The place to have your camera fixed in Seattle
Glazer's Camera Seattle's premiere camera store. Hectic at times, but a great place.
Arts and cultural organizations
Seattle Opera The Seattle Opera can be a bit conservative in their opera choices and adaptations, but they do solid work.
SIFF The folks who organize the Seattle International Film Festival and a bunch of other film events throughout the year.


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