Prior to his retirement, my father was a high school graphic arts & photography teacher. Consequently, I had access to a well organized darkroom. He taught me the basics of the modern SLR and how to develop black and white pictures. When I went away to college I focused on computer science and my photography skills atrophed. I had no ready access to equipment or a darkroom. As I got further into computer graphics, analog photography seemed to me a larger and larger anachronism, but the equipment to do digital work was very expensive.

My trip around the world in 2003 hit at a great time. Enthusiast cameras like the Canon EOS10d had dropped to a reasonable price, one where the lenses would dominate the overall cost of the system. The 10d was my first digital SLR which I've recently upgraded to a 5D. In addition, I have an underwater housing for my 10d and enjoy the challenging world of underwater work.

Some of my pictures are kept on my Flickr page. My Flickr page name, "OraclesFresh," in case you were curious, is an anagram of "Charles F Rose."

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